Please contact me if your question isn’t answered below! I’m always updating this list!

I’m in a same-sex relationship, will you photograph us?
Absolutely! I’m so glad that Australia now recognizes that marriage is between 2 people! Love is love <3

Who is Fox and Luna Photography?
Formerly known as Gemma Boys Photography, I rebranded in January 2019! Founded in 2012 and operated by myself, Gemma. I cover all aspects of my blossoming little business from my website, advertising, marketing, customer liaison, photographing, editing, packaging and everything in between! I do however have a few lovely 2nd photographers who assist me when my couples request an additional photographer!

How long have you been doing photography?
I bought my first camera in 2012 and since have had the pleasure of photographing countless families, pets and over 90 weddings!

What experience do you have?
I’ve been photographing since 2012, and have completed a Bachelors Degree in Photography at Curtin University. I continue to educate myself via all of the wonderful resources online! I have been assistant photographer, and have been the substitute photographer as well when another photographer has been unwell.

What’s your photography style?
I love using natural and ambient lighting to capture your memories exactly as they were in that moment in time. My editing style is very vibrant, bright and crisp. My photography style is very laid back, relaxed, I take on a more documentary, lifestyle approach and try to blend in as much as possible to create minimum interruption and maximum candid and natural moments!

What equipment do you use?
I use 2 Nikon D750’s. These are are full frame DSLRs with dual memory card slots, both of which record your images simultaneously one as a primary and the 2nd as a backup in the unlikely event of corruption. I carry 5 fully charged batteries for my cameras.

The memory cards that I utilise are Sandisk Extreme PRO 128GB.
My main lenses are Tamron 24-70mm, Tamron 70-200mm, Sigma 105mm. I have other lenses for different situations however these 3 never leave my bag!

I use 2 Yongnuo YN685 Speedlight Flash units. However as a natural light photographer, I rarely use flash except to complement ambient lighting.

Have you won any awards?
I haven’t entered any photography competitions yet! Maybe soon!

Where do you live and how far will you travel?
I live in Ellenbrook in Perth, WA. Locations up to 100km from Ellenbrook are inclusive in package costs, locations further incur additional travel and accommodation costs. I’m happy to travel within the Perth and South West region of Western Australia.

Do I get all of the photos you take?
Yes and no! To make sure that I capture people with their eyes open, a nice smile and no distractions in the photograph I tend to take between 3-6 photographs of every pose and set photo. This means that I’ll end up with 3-6x the number of photos at the end of the day! I don’t return all of these images as they are duplicates, however, I do provide you with the best image from each selection. I don’t withhold or discard any suitable images. While I do recommend a minimum number of images you can expect from your session, this is a minimum and I will always return any additional images, edited as well!

Do you have a second photographer?
I do! A second photographer is an optional add-on to any of my packages as long as they are available for your date. Images captured by my second are edited by me to streamline with the style of Fox and Luna Photography. Please note that having a 2nd photographer does not mean there will be twice as many photographs, it just means there will be additional angles, and the ability to be in 2 places at once (eg grooms preparation and brides preparation).

What is the turn around time?
Within 48 hours of your wedding you’ll receive approximately 10 sneak peek images so!

I know it seems like photographers take FOREVER to get your photos back to you, especially when you’re excited! The main reason for delays is that often we have multiple weddings/sessions in our processing queue so any new photographs go to the back of the line. It isn’t that your images are taking that long individually, instead it’s the build up of other memories being created that adds up! The total turn around time will vary depending on a few factors. What your photography is; wedding, family, headshot etc and when it is! For weddings my turnaround time is up to 6 weeks, for other sessions up to 3 weeks. These times are extended by up to 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period however you will be advised in advance if your photos fall across this date! I’ve never missed a deadline and depending on my workload I always endeavour to return your photos as soon as possible!

Do you offer expedited turn around?
No I don’t, everyone is just as excited to get their images back and those ahead in my processing queue have been waiting even longer! Images are edited on a first “photographed” first served basis!

What format are my digital files in?
You receive JPEG files. They are high resolution, in RGB and are print ready! I do not provide raw or unedited files as these are the blueprint to my art.

Will there be watermarks on my photos?
The initial sneak peek photographs (when applicable) will have watermarks as they are in progress edits and are not the final version. Your final finished images will be completely watermark free!

Will you delete my photos once we’ve finished?
I take all possible precautions to store backup copies of your images, however I can’t guarantee that once you have been provided with your own copies that I will be able to provide you with additional copies. Please make sure that you make extra copies of your files, on different medias (CD, USB, HDD) and store at least one in a different location/property for the best security!

What are the costs? How much of a retainer do you require?
To find my current prices for my services, please visit my packages page here. For weddings a $400.00 non-refundable retainer is required to confirm date/time, with the balance payable no later than 30 days prior to the wedding date. For other sessions the payment is required in full upon booking, which includes the non-refundable retainer applicable to that session type.

Are there any hidden costs?
The only costs that may not be included in package prices is travel outside of a determined radius, and purchase/postage for additional products which will be discussed prior to any invoicing or payments. No hard sales or pressure tactics! Completely transparent is how I want to be known!

Can you provide hair and makeup services?
At this point in time, these are not services I am able to offer.

Do you offer videography?
No, I currently only work with still photography. However, I can recommend some wonderful videographers who I love to work alongside!

Have you ever had to cancel a wedding booking?
Only once and it absolutely broke my heart. I, unfortunately, needed surgery. However, I notified my customer as soon as I knew, issued a full refund and they had time to find a suitable replacement!

I want to make a booking! How do I proceed?
Perfect! Please submit your information here and I will be in touch!