Hi! I’m Gemma!

I own and operate what is now known as Fox and Luna Photography, however until January 2019 my photography business was known by Gemma Boys Photography!

Mum to 2 cats – Gizmo and Spock, 2 dogs – Eevee and Ruger and a Stimson Python – Kaa. Lover of chocolate and YouTube addict! I’m a country girl who moved to the city in 2011 and ever since that day I’ve been chasing the horizon of bigger and better and constant improvement along the way. Since I first picked up a DSLR in 2012, I have captured the memories of over 80 weddings and countless family and pet sessions.

I’m a natural light, outdoor photographer who specialises in using our beautiful sun and the light it creates! My photography style is a happy mixture of candid and posed, with a love for documenting and capturing your moments as they happen.

I believe that special moments should be captured, not just for the people who were there to look back on and reminisce, but for those who are yet to come, and the ones after those. Family heirlooms to look back on generation after generation. I believe that it is more important to photograph the people, how they are, who they are and their stories. I believe in lending my camera to your special memories so that you can be present, living it and enjoying it! I believe that confidence and trust of your photographer is of the utmost importance, so making you feel relaxed and confident that your photographs will be captured while you enjoy yourself is of my highest priority.

If you feel the same way as I do about preserving memories and would like to see more of my work or to follow along on my photography journey you can find me on Facebook, Instagram or on you can request more information or a meeting via my contact page.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!
Gemma x